Improve Reporting for Patient Protection

Example: Afternoon Agenda


An example of an afternoon Educational Seminar

Example: Afternoon Agenda

Below is an example of agenda for an afternoon educational seminar:

Official Announcement and Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend a continuing education program presented by the [State] Board of Medical [Practice/Examiners]

Improving the Mandatory Reporting of Disciplined Physicians to the Board and Federal Data Banks


11:30 am   Luncheon Served

12:30 pm   Welcome by Board Chair and/or Executive Director

bulletBrief Overview of the Board's Work - Description of the various divisions of the Board
bulletImportance of mandatory reporting for public protection
bulletWhat the Board does with the reports it receives

[The next portion of the program can be presented by a member of your Board's mandatory reporting staff and/or your General Counsel or Board Counsel

bulletBoard Access to Peer Review Records

1:00 pm   Filing Timely Reports

bulletFederal Reporting Requirements
bullet National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)
bullet Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB)

2:00 pm   Compare and Contrast the Federal with:

bulletState Reporting Requirements
bulletExamples of what is and what is not reportable

3:00 pm   The Relationship Between Mandatory Reporting and the PreP 4 Patient Safety Program 

3:15 pm   Break

3:30 pm   Q & A Session

4:30 pm   Wrap-up

4:45 pm   Adjourn


The purpose of this project is to enlist State Medical and Osteopathic Board Executives in participating in a statewide mandatory reporting educational outreach campaign designed to reach as many hospitals and other health care organizations as possible.  One way to accomplish this is by holding an afternoon educational seminar. 

Presentations at such a seminar will clarify state statutory obligations to file timely reports, and compare and contrast state responsibilities with those of the federal data banks.  Presentations will also explain or demonstrate through case examples what the Boards do with the reports they receive. 

To help facilitate the federal data bank educational component of the program, up-to-date information about federal data bank reporting is included by clicking on the left side bar item: NPDB/HIPDB Reporting.  This information was presented at the recent AIM Institute Workshop in October 2003.


This agenda suggests potential topics and the timing for each segment.  There is also one hour devoted to questions and answers.

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