2004 Administrators in Medicine (AIM) Annual Meeting
An Examination of International Medical Education

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Online Registration

AIM offers online registration for the 2004 AIM Annual Meeting.


All Attendees - whether or not paying a registration fee - should complete and submit this form online.

Registration Fees

Meeting Registration Fee: There is NO Registration Fee for AIM Members, including AIM Associate Members, attending the Annual Meeting but there is a Flat $100 Registration Fee per person for Non-Members attending.

MULTIPLE MEMBER ATTENDEE POLICY: Members will be given three registrations for free (voting delegate plus two others). More than three representatives from members will have to pay the registration fee of $100 each.

Luncheon for Members & Non-Members:  A complimentary continental breakfast and lunch are provided to each Board's Voting Delegate (You are eligible to vote if your dues are up-to-date). (The two hour lunch break will be the start of the AIM Annual Business Meeting.)  If other registrants would like to join us for lunch, just click on "Count me/us in for breakfast and lunch at no extra charge" on the form below but see the Multiple Member Attendee Policy in the paragraph above.

For Members Not Paying a Registration Fee: Skip to the Name Badge Registration form below.  Please note if any of your attendees are not planning to be there in time for breakfast or lunch. This helps keep our costs down since we must give a head count to the Hotel's Banquet Department. Thanks.

Those paying Registration Fees should FIRST 1) Complete this Online Form; NEXT 2) Print a copy of this form; THEN 3) Press the "Submit" button below filing your registration online with us. Snail mail the printed form along with a check payable to Administrators in Medicine to the AIM Treasurer at the address below.  We will also accept checks on site if you wish to hand carry your check but you must register online.

The AIM Federal ID Number is 74-2329314

Mail Checks - Payable to Administrators in Medicine - to AIM Treasurer Trey Delap, Deputy Executive Director, Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine, 2860 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite G, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Meeting Registration Fee Refunds:  All cancellations must be in writing.  Individuals who cancel more than 15 business days prior to the meeting are entitled to a refund of their registration fee, less a $30 processing charge. Cancellations made within 15 business days of the meeting are non-refundable.

Check Applicable Boxes Below:

Meeting Registration Fee - $100

Count me/us in for breakfast and lunch at no extra charge

Note Names of Registrants covered by the fees in the box below and the total dollar amount submitted (Note if we should count them for breakfast and lunch):

This information will be used for your name badge.



Board or Organization






List Names of Other Attendees & Titles Here - Please note if any of your attendees are not planning to be there in time for breakfast or lunch.

What's New

Online Registration Available for the 2004 AIM Annual Meeting on this Page

Online Registration is Now Available on this Page. No credit card is needed.


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